Saturday, 29 June 2013

caravan art

Just a simple caravan i made in photoshop.. what else is there to say.

the art of Thought

This is a simple art piece I did in Photoshop, Iv already posted it on 
Basically the concept questions the existence of personal thought is it just a influence of the majority of mankind?

Are thoughts just influences?

You could actually argue against this saying that different cultures have developed isolated from the rest of the world developing their own unique language and beliefs.... I hope that the later is true.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Does art need meaning

Really does art need meaning? 

Does a great painting just need to be well painted and look good or is there more to it than that? If art does not need meaning then why are some paintings worth some much more than others painted just as well?
It is a questions that has been left open to personal opinion since art began but it is only the artists that paint the paintings that actually can give us all the real answer.

A lack of understanding of the meaning of a piece of art or painting can leave the hidden power and depth of the art unheard and lost. Simple minds will see a art as a piece of furniture, whereas more complex minds can see the hidden meanings and thus can appreciate the art more.

There are tons of different reasons why someone may choose to create a art piece... Another question that coincides with does art need meaning is does art need ability? A really good painter could simply paint a photo-realistic painting but does this mean it is a good piece of art? Couldn't you simply take a photograph  I do agree that one could appreciate the level of skill involved but how about comparing this painting to a more simple painting that holds more meaning behind it.

Surely it is more interesting and can be talked about a lot longer if a painting has some meaning with people people debating the meaning rather than people looking at a photo realistic painting that people will just simply look at once thinks why that person is skilled to be able to paint that and then not think about it anymore?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

My art blog

Hello, you have reached my art blog. Well i will be posting any digital art i make using Photoshop here. You can comment and discuss any of the art i make in the comments section! bye.